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Miķelis Fišers - Conspiracy Landscapes

21.1-6.2.2016, Valssaamo, Cable Factory

Miķelis Fišers (b. 1970, Riga, Latvia) is amongst the most interesting contemporary artists in Latvia. He finished his studies at Art Academy of Latvia in 1995. Since then his work has been exhibited in both solo and group exhibitions in Latvia and internationally, for example in Venice, Italy (2015), the UK (2002) and Sweden (2000/2001). In 2015 Fišers received the national PURVĪTIS Art Prize, which is the highest art prize in Latvia.  This is his first solo exhibition in Finland. The artist lives and works in Riga, Latvia.

The exhibition comprises some fifty recent installations and paintings, including ten new landscapes painted in Peru and Bolivia where the artist spent three months in 2015. During this trip he also prepared a vast selection of drawings and stone prints of pre-Incan ruins, which will also be exhibited in Helsinki. All  the works comprising Conspiracy Landscapes represent the artist’s fascination to both the worlds of aliens , conspiracy theories and the nobility of nature.

Welcome to the opening on 21.1.2016 at 6-8pm.

Mon-Fri 12-19

Sat-Sun 11-19

Free entrance.


The exhibition was sponsored by: AS Latvijas Finieris, Metek OÜ, Sjöman Helsingin Nosturit Oy, Royal Line Oy, Kouvolan Kattopalvelu Oy, Solvikin Kattohuolto Oy, Rakennus Oy Wareco,Telinekymppi Oy, Rakennus Laprip Oy, LKJ-Palvelut Oy, Keski-Suomen Betonirakenne Oy, Astiavuokraus Oy Jubilee.

Image: Miķelis Fišers. Officers Ball Together with Extraterrestrials in Honour to Osama Bin Laden Elimination at the Vaulted Hall, Neues Schwabenland.  2011. Oil on canvas. 308 x 290 cm, detail.