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Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth: Winter Circus Play


9.11.2017–14.1.2018, Pannuhalli, Cable Factory

Jump in the game – Hurjaruuth’s celebrated Winter Circus is set free! Rules are made to be broken in Winter Circus Play, as an international troupe of artists is let loose. What do we do when we play games? Do we experience freedom, do we challenge boundaries? The Winter Circus plays with freedom and rules. The contemporary circus show embraces this vast topic with a playful mind. Children have also been involved in planning the show – what is freedom and what can we do with it? The Winter Circus is guaranteed to awe you with wonders and aerial acrobatics!

Winter Circus Play blends circus with video art and dance. The performance is directed by Davide Giovanzana; the director of Winter Circus Cosmos which was performed for sold out audiences in 2013. The circus performers come from e.g. Finland, Switzerland and Australia. The show’s live music is performed by sound wizard Teho Majamäki.

The Winter Circus is great fun for the whole family. Every year, lots of groups of grown-ups also find their way to the Winter Circus. The visually beautiful and warm-spirited Winter Circus is this Christmas season’s definite top attraction!

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Week­day morn­ing per­for­mances (dura­tion 1 h)
Evening and weekend performances (duration 2)
Age recommendation: 3+

Weeknights 16 € / 27 €, family ticket 78 €, pensioners 24 €
Weekends and holidays 21 € / 32 €, family ticket 96 €, pensioners 29 €
Weekday mornings 15 €, group ticket 12 € / person
Reservations, tel. 09 565 7250