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Uusinta Ensemble: Tombe de sommeil


3.2.2019, Turbiinisali, Cable Factory

The new piece Tombe de sommeil, which was commissioned from José-María Sánchez-Verdú by Uusinta Ensemble and Petri Kumela, examines the relationship between sound and space with the help of a virtual guitar and auraphone developed in SWR Experimental Studio in Freiburg. The playing of the guitar soloist is projected onto the ‘unmanned’ guitar as well as other instruments, and the result is a work that falls somewhere between installation and chamber music.

Minna Leinonen describes Uusinta Ensemble’s newly commissioned piece as follows:

- The purple sandpiper is believed to be one of the first species of birds that will be driven to extinction in Finland by climate change. The purple sandpiper only nests in the bare fell highlands and such living environments are disappearing from Finland as the forest cover is taking over the fells. Mikko Perkola is an inspirational soloist who is motivated to use the viol to generate new forms of expression within this virtuosic piece and, together with the Uusinta ensemble, to articulate the sandpiper’s despair and anguish as its living conditions are dwindling.

The concert closes with Anna Thorvaldsdottir’s classic piece In the Light of Air.

Performance at 18.

15 € / 20 €, holvi.com/shop/uusintaensemble
Students free of charge.


Photo: Touko Hujanen