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MUU Cable: Matti Hagelberg

3.8.-8.9.2019, MUU Cable, Cable Factory

In August 2019, the Läskimooses comics magazine will take up residence in MUU Cable at the Cable Factory for the period of one month. Starting on 7 August, Dr. Matti Hagelberg will work in the gallery five days a week. Visitors have a chance to observe as Dr. Hagelberg finishes issue #48 of his 1500-page comic book he began in 2012.

The walls of the gallery will be decorated with originals in elegant oak frames, providing visitors with a cross-section of the seven-year journey of Läskimooses. Alongside the originals, the exhibition will also include a selection of the most charming examples of the book’s versatile cover art. The broader themes of Läskimooses are explored in two series consisting of several pages in which chaos meets order and primitive forces meet technology.

The exhibition also features the release of the following items, among others:
- Issue #22 of Doctor Hagelberg’s B.E.M. series, Ex-mark 00
- A map of Mars, drawn after the very latest measurements
- Läskimooses issue #47. Released in the gallery on the Night of the Arts, 15 August 2019.

Opening of the exhibition is on Friday 2 August 2019, 5pm–7pm. Welcome!

Mon-Fri at 10-19
Sat-Sun at 12-16
Night of the Arts 15.8. till 21.

Free entrance!

Photo: Matti Hagelberg