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Zodiak: I'm not entirely here (cybersad)


24.9.-4.10.2020, Zodiak Stage, Cable Factory

I'm not entirely here (cybersad) is a dance performance inspired by the themes of identity, gender, the Internet and sadness. The performance, premiering on the Zodiak Stage in September, deconstructs Internet phenomena, trends and cyber-expression using methods of performing art. What are Internet identities and how they are interpreted? How are they experienced in the world outside the Internet? How are gender and sexuality expressed in social media? How does the cyber-body move?

The performance uses make-up, movement and costumes to introduce a character whose appearance is inspired by the algorithms of the choreographer’s social media feed. Pieced together of virtual world performances and inspired by YouTube tutorials, Kardashian reality stars, drag aesthetics, Instagram and memes, the character takes to the stage in order to explore the meeting between virtual and everyday spaces and identities. How does the character connect with its audience?

I’m not entirely here (cybersad) seeks to embody a grasp of the present moment and the post-social media era through dance and performance. The aesthetics and the movement material of the performance as well as the emotions of the character can be studied in more detail through online choreography materials on social media.

Thu 24.9. at 19 - Premiere
Sat 26.9. at 15
Sun 27.9. at 15
Tue 29.9. at 19
Wed 30.9. at 19 - Post-performance discussion
Fri 2.10. at 19
Sat 3.10. at 15
Sun 4.10. at 15

16,50 € / 24,50 € / 30,50 €, www.tiketti.fi

Instagram: @notentirelyhere

Photo: Saara Taussi