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The basement was renovated in summer 2008 as a foyer beneath Pannuhalli. The basement has a low ceiling and is divided by beams. The space reflects the history of the building and includes the circular base of the old smokestack, which was removed in the late 1970s. The basement space is ideal for use as a foyer during events in Pannuhalli or for hosting related events. 

The basement is mainly in grey concrete. There are coat racks for up to 300 guests, as well as a bar counter, faucets and counters around the beams. 

The basement can also be rented separately, for example to host private functions or experimental theatre productions, when not needed together with Pannuhalli.

Download floor plan (pdf)

Size:375 m2
Length:20.7 m (not including the base of the smokestack)
Width:17,1 m
Height:2-6 m
Capacity:300 persons when all emergency exits are in use
WC facilities:Women’s and men’s, invalid WC
Additional facilities:Storage space that can be used by catering, for example
Public access:Door P and down the steps or elevator
Loading areas:Door P and down the steps or elevator (+ overhead crane through the ceiling when Pannuhalli is empty)
Doors:Narrow loading areas into the basement
Ceiling:Limited number of hanging points, acoustic panels
Electricity:Main fuses 3 x 32 A
Lighting:Fluorescent lamps, industrial lighting
Ventilation:Mechanical, no air conditioning
Data network:WLAN
Security:Burglar alarm system