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You are hereSpace for rent / Valssaamo

The former rolling plant is a rectangular and light facility that is suitable for exhibitions, performances, small corporate functions and seminars. 

Valssaamo has fixed display boards and hanging beams. The facility also includes special lighting for banquets and exhibitions. Valssaamo can be combined with Puristamo.

Download floor plan (pdf)

Size:266 m2
Length:27 m
Width:10 m
Height:5 m, beneath beam 4.5 m, beneath ventilation pipes 4 m
Capacity:250 persons when all emergency exits are in use
WC facilities:Women’s and men’s plus invalid WC in V lobby
Fixed exhibition screens:3 plasterboards, 5.8 m x 2.7 m
Loading areas:Loading door on Tallberginkatu street
Public access:V door
Doors:1.8 m x 2 m, door between Valssaamo and Puristamo 1.7 m x 2.4 m
Ceiling:Hanging points, hanging beam 40 kg/m, acoustic panels
Electricity:Main fuses 3 x 63 A
Lighting:Basic lighting plus special lighting for banquets and exhibitions
Ventilation:Mechanical, no air conditioning
Data network:WLAN (WiFi)
Security:Burglar alarm system