Andy McCoy Extravaganza

IQ Art proudly presents:

A Weekend Extravaganza Featuring The Colorful Artwork Of Andy McCoy

Featuring artists are Lamppu Laamanen (photographer) and Tarmo Muttonen (painter).

Perjantaina ja lauantaina 13.00–21.00 / Friday and Saturday 1pm–9pm
Sunnuntaina 13.00–18.00 / Sunday 1pm–6pm
Vapaa pääsy / Free entrance

Andy McCoy has been a thriving force in the world of rock & roll for over three decades now. People from all over the world have tried to copy his unique style as a guitarist, songwriter and the way he has styled himself for years. 

Andy has always had a deep passion for painting. When he met art salesman Ivo de Lange from IQ Art in The Netherlands they felt a kindred spirit in each other. De Langes keen eye and taste suited Andy perfectly. They teamed up and `McCoy Hits Canvas´, McCoys first art exhibition ever, was held at the Cable Factory in Helsinki in 2010. They broke all attendance records that weekend and rave reviews followed.

Now McCoy has another art exhibition coming. What a colorful way to start this fall from September 20th through the 22nd again at the Cable Factory in Helsinki. He will share his private paintings that come straight from his heart and soul. This is something that should not be missed.

Andy has been known as Sheriff McCoy when he wrote his autobiography under that name. Also with his swagger and style he has been called a R&R pirate. He is known most for the music he wrote arranged and played lead guitar on for the band `Hanoi Rocks´!

For the year 2010–11 McCoy started jamming with some friends (rhythm section for the band `Amorphis´) and a swank newcomer that can sing with a unique style named Jere Garcia suited perfect for the band they would soon call `Grease Helmet`. The men worked at their own pace and recorded their debut album. It was released In 2012 and had rave reviews from there debut gig at the notorious club Tavastia, amongst rave reviews in Japan. McCoy wrote most of the music and did all the artwork for the record. The band `Grease Helmet´ are now working on the second album ready for release 2014. 

McCoy has also been busy working on his solo record that will be coming 2014. He has been very busy and has written all the songs on it. McCoy has also been very active painting. He has not stopped since his grand opening. Another Art Exhibition was held at `Huvila Brand and Design´ in Helsinki June 2012 and another fantastic art exhibition was held. His colorful unique style has attracted all kinds of people like his music. The age can range from 8 years old to 80. Many love McCoys way of expressing his feelings on canvas and he has been well received in the sometimes posh world of art. Rave reviews followed his second Exhibition.

McCoy will also delight the crowd each evening with a set of his dynamite flamenco playing. This will be quite a extravaganza not to be missed. See you all there.

Text: Angela Nicoletti McCoy

For more information please contact Mr. Ivo de Lange,