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Alison Wiklund - an artists journey

C-porras, Puristamo (1. kerros)
B-aula, Valssaamo (1. kerros)
22.3.2023 - 10.4.2023
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11:00 - 19:00
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Alison Wiklund is a naturalized, Finnish visual artist, born in the UK (1945) and who first came to Finland in 1968. With her multicultural background, Alison has traveled with her sketch book and palette to all of the world’s continents. Her career has spanned over 50 years during which Alison’s curiosity and passion have followed a varied path through different media: charcoal drawing, oil-painting, water-colour, Chinese brush-painting, collage, weaving and fused glass.

In various cultural contexts, Alison has also taught art, as a tool, in creative recycling and environmental education. She has also exhibited her art-work in over 40 galleries - including the Royal Academy in London, in Europe, Africa, North & Central America.

Her recent book and this retrospective exhibition with over 200 art-works at Cable Factory, Helsinki (22/03-10/04/2023) are both entitled Alison Wiklund: an Artist’s Journey and follow her arrival in Finland, travel and activities in the Far & Middle East, Europe, Latin America, United States, Russia, the Polar Regions and Malawi. Alison is honoured to have received the Finnish Helene & Walter Gronqvists Stiftelse award in2020 - for her artistic production (www.alisonwiklund.com)

During her upcoming exhibition, Alison will also give two separate workshops to Finnish High School students, along with her former Nicaraguan and Malawian students: Tölö Gymnasium and Kuvataidelukio. They will show how to transform “trash” into beautiful works of art. Alison is glad to share her experiences with the next generation - the future stewards of our planetary ‘nest’. Her approach reflects the saying attributed to Chief Seattle: “We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Open to the public 23.3.-10.4.2023.

Kuva: Alison Wiklund: Petropavlovsk, Kamchatsky / Water color



Alison Wiklund