Create & learn

At Cable Factory you don’t have to be content with just looking at or listening to culture; here you can create culture yourself and learn more about it!


Who's here

At Cable Factory there are several dance and art schools, sports practitioners, a ceramics centre, an architecture school and museums providing instruction in their own field. Check out what’s on offer!

Lasten ja nuorten arkkitehtuurikoulu Arkki
Staircase C, 5th floor

Tero Saarinen Company
Staircase E, 3rd floor

Kaapelitehtaan Konttori

Staircase A, 1st floor

Staircase G, 2nd floor

Haapalainen SuutariJääskö Dance Studios
Staircase C, 4th floor

Staircase A, 1st floor

Keramiikkakeskus Septaria / Kerasil-myymälä
Staircase C, 3rd floor

Tanssiteatteri Hurjaruuth
Staircase A, 2nd floor

Hotelli- ja ravintolamuseo
Staircase G, 3rd floor

Balanssi Studiot Oy
Staircase D, 4th floor

Helsingin Taiteilijaseuran kuvataidekoulu ja kurssikeskus
Staircase A, 3rd floor

Tamara Rasmussen Opisto
Staircase B, 5th floor

Tanssiteatteri Jazz-Point
Staircase B, 5th floor

Suomen valokuvataiteen museo
Staircase G, 1st floor

Vapaa Taidekoulu
Staricase E, 4th floor