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Night of the Arts at Cable Factory 2022

Free entrance

The Night of the Arts at Cable Factory is after two years again full of fun programme for the whole family!

People working at Cable Factory are offering their best: step in through open doors, meet artists, come and see different shows and demonstrations, explore the Dance House Helsinki, take part in workshops and guided tours, or visit exhibitions and three different museums.

You can also enjoy music, read magazines, eat tasty snacks at cafés and restaurants, and just enjoy the great atmosphere!





Info point
Glass Courtyard / at 11-21
You will find an info point in the Cable Factory’s main lobby where you can get information on the evening’s programme. There is another info point for the event in C Lobby.

Dance House Helsinki: Future Self light installation & open doors
Entrance from the Glass Courtyard / at 15.30-21
Company Wayne McGregor and Random International - Future Self is a 60-minute performative light installation that studies human movement and investigates identity, the relationship we have with our own image and with others. You can arrive at the venue between 15:30 and 20:30 only. Company Wayne McGregor’s dancers will take part in each performance for around 10 minutes at 15.30, 16.30, 17.30, 18.30 and 19.30. For the rest of the time, the work can be experienced independently and among other participants.

At the same time, you can check out the other spaces in Dance House Helsinki, which are open to the public. Hear about their activities, their programme and the architecture. The doors are open to the public in the spectacular Erkko Hall! Dance House Helsinki’s own bistro restaurant, (t)raba, will also open on the Night of the Arts.

Restaurant t(raba)
Glass Courtyard / at 11-21
(t)raba is a restaurant that is a fusion of creative charm and New York Italian-American cuisine. Enjoy inspiring taste sensations and good company in a unique meeting place. (t)raba also supplies the intermission refreshments for Dance House Helsinki events and provides catering services for events at Dance House Helsinki and the Cable Factory. The restaurant’s terrace serves customers in the Cable Factory’s covered Glass Courtyard.

Special offer for the Night of the Arts Thursday 18 August: bottle of house red, white or sparkling wine 0.75l, promotional price 20 € / bottle in (t)raba restaurant and the Glass Courtyard terrace.

Cable Factory's Tehtaanmyymälä (factory shop)
Glass Courtyard / at 11-21
Would you like to grab a nice souvenir of the Cable Factory or maybe a surprise gift for a loved one? Come to the Cable Factory’s Tehtaanmyymälä! P.S. a new batch of the hugely popular Cable Factory bags has just come on sale. Come and get one with your favourite slogan and colour! Pay for your purchases at the adjacent info point. From the shop you can get to staircase G and the Cable Museums.


Outer court yard stage
at 17 Opening of Cable Factory Night of the Arts 2022
at 17.30 Stella Polaris improvisation performance (20 min.)
at 18.15 Stella Polaris improvisation performance (20 min.)
at 19 Stella Polaris improvisation performance (20 min.)
at 20 Stunt performer Essi Latvala is set on fire at the Cable Factory. Whilst on fire she performs a parkour challenge. Be sure to arrive on time – the performance is fast-paced and very short (= 1 minute)!


Cable Factory's Konttori: Café & Open Stage
Staircase A, 1st floor / Café at 8.30-22, Open stage at 18-22
Come to Cable Factory’s Konttori for refreshment! Grab a coffee or a glass of refreshing wine at the counter. You’ll also find delicious treats and snacks here. The micro gallery is hosting Malaika Mollel’s Afro Finns exhibition (the works are for sale).

As the name suggests, The Cable Factory’s Konttori Open Stage is an event where the stage is there for you! Play, sing, dance, speak, recite poetry or paint a picture if you want. We provide the stage for your performance, a good atmosphere and the chance to perform for an audience in an easy-going way. You can register for the event in advance by e-mail: konttori(at) There are already music performances, including live looping, pop, rock and indie. The Cable Factory’s Konttori Open Stage is being held for the first time on the Night of the Arts, and after that on the first Thursday of the month from 6 to 10 pm.

Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth: Costume flea market and Winter Circus magic
Staircase A, 2nd floor / at 17-20
On the Night of the Arts, you will find a costume flea market in Dance Theatre Hurjaruuth’s foyer! On Hurjaruuth’s stage, you can see memories from past Winter Circuses, and both well-known and new Winter Circus characters will be wandering round the Cable Factory. You can also enter a draw for tickets to the forthcoming Winter Circus Joy!

Helsinki Artists’ Association Art School and Course Center: Digital mural and doing art
Staircase A, 3th floor / at 17-20
Children and young people:
Come and draw your own character on a tablet to put in the character gallery. The characters will be drawn with Procreate on to a single wall and projected in the Artists’ Association’s space during the event. The little ones can also paint their character by hand (junior paintings can be done on a sheet of paper that is photographed and added to the gallery). Teacher: Eija Hakkola.
Come and try doing art from 5 to 8 pm. Guidance is available for adult art practitioners and beginners in the Helsinki Artists’ Association’s space. Teacher: Piia Kokkarinen.


Suomen Taiteilijat ry: 54th annual exhibition and meetings with artists
Valssaamo, B lobby, 1st floor / at 12-21
The annual exhibition is a Finnish artistic vision produced by 156 artists. Artists displaying in the exhibition will be present to tell about their works and art.


Kameraseura Galleria West: AITA 2022 & Portrait photography
Staircase B, 2nd floor / at 17-21
In the AITA photography exhibition Camera Club (Kameraseura) member clubs introduce themselves with photos by members. The Persona club is organising free portrait photography for all comers, either on your own or with a friend or family. Hear information about shooting movies and photo printing as well as other photography methods such as cyanotypes. Our members will tell about their hobby and present the activities of the clubs.

Maaria Märkälä: Open house in studio and small exhibition
Staircase B, 4th floor / at 17.30-20
In this wonderful artist’s studio you can peep into the colourful life of a living artist and the history of the Cable Factory.

Tamara Rasmussen Opisto: Art dance experimentations for children & open doors
Staircase B, 5th floor, studios 1 and 2 / at 16.30-20.15
Dance Art Fun! - Art dance experimentations for children (Studio 2:
Registrations 15 min. before the class, first 10 can join!
at 16.30-17 classic ballet, 8-10 y., teacher Nathalie Genzer
at 17-17.30 classic ballet, 5-8 y., teacher Nathalie Genzer
at 17.30-18 dance music school, 3-4 y., teacher Nina Kallonen
at 18-18.30 dance music school, 4-6 y., teacher Nina Kallonen
Open doors (Studio 1):
at 16.30-17.45 Youth DanceArtFun (modern dance), 11 y. - teacher Vivianne Budsko-Lommi
at 17.45-18.45 Children's DanceArtFun (modern dance), 7-10 y., teacherVivianne Budsko-Lommi
at 18.45-20.15 Aktivistit-group: open rehearsals, teacher Vivianne Budsko-Lommi


C-lobby, 1st floor / at 17-21
At the info point you can get information on the evening’s programme. There is another info point in the Glass Courtyard.

Cable Factory Round
C-lobby infopoint, 1st floor / at 17.30, 18.30 an 19.30
How well do you know the Cable Factory? The Cable Factory Round is a guided tour lasting about 50 minutes where you get to see the varied spaces at the Cable Factory, its rich history and colourful hall of fame, from an Olympic medallist to factory managers and artists. Tours are accessible. Maximum of 20 persons on one tour.

MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre: MUU matinee - An intimate evening with Helmi and Viivi
C-lobby, 1st floor / klo 18-20
Old friends Helmi Kajaste (architect and rapper) and Viivi Kaakinen (polonist and planner) play cinematic tunes while discussing intimate topics and invite you to join them by the proverbial fire.

Restaurant Hima & Sali
C-lobby, 1st floor / at 8.30-21
The restaurant is open throughout the evening for goodies.

Jamkids music work shop for 0-6-year-olds
Restaurant Hima & Sali's café area, C-lobby, 1st floor / at 17-19
Jamkids’ fun nonstop-music workshop in the Hima & Sali café children can sing, swing and play different instruments with Jamkids’ friendly teachers. Jamkids organises adventurous music clubs for 0–6-year-olds and music groups for expectant mothers. The whole family are welcome to experience the joy of making and chat about their child’s music hobby!

Helsinki Art Association: Pop Out Art
Puristamo, C-lobby, 1st floor / at 11-21
At the art festival an ambience created by 80 artists greets you. Possibility to meet artists. Hundreds of works brimming with artistic dimensions and insights.


Käytävägalleria: Singing with Colours
Staircase C, 2nd floor / at 10-21
Paintings by opera singer and fine artist Pirkko Törnqvist-Paakkanen.

Galleria EU-Man: Mohammad Dijan
Staircase C, 3rd floor / at 17-21

Awase: Try out Aikido – watch and take part!
Staircase C, 4th floor / at 17-20
at 17-18 Get-to-know practice 15 min. (you can take part)
at 18-19.30 Awase regular practice (you can watch)
at 19.30-20 Get-to-know practice 15 min. (you can take part)

Stoa Mariapassio: Marja Paasio - Selection
Staircase C, 5th floor / at 9-21
Watercolour paintings.


Painters Aino Keinänen and Paula Pitkänen: Open doors
Staircase D, basement / at 17-21

Drawing Gallery D5: Sivi Valima ja Taru Kantonen - Pastel Dreams and Drama
Staircase D, 5th floor / at 9-20


Cable Museums invite the Night of the Arts celebrators to spend an evening in three different museums with a total of seven exhibitions! As well as insights into photography, performing arts and food and drink culture, there will also be guided tours, workshops and open rehearsals.

The Finnish Museum of Photography
1st floor / at 17-21
Agnès Varda – My First Life presents an insightful, humorous and sensitive photographer whose images foreshadowed her long career as a filmmaker. Paradoxes of Photography explores the expectations and perceptions of photography. The exhibition is a collection of research projects that challenge the 'idea of photography'. Guided tours of the exhibitions at 18 and 19.

Theatre Museum
2nd floor / at 17-21
Exhibitions Arkadia Theatre, "The Audience Was Furious From Excitement!" and Deep Movement The Arkadia stage and dressing room open to visitors' own performances Short guided tours of the exhibitions at 17.30, 19.30 and 20.30.

Open rehearsals of Woman Machine by artist-in-residence Venla Ilona Blom at 18-19.

Hotel and Restaurant Museum
3rd floor / at 17-21
Non-stop workshop for children at 17–20. The exhibition Taste Matters offers insights into food and drink culture. With colourful food photography, the exhibition Tuesday Dinner with Drinks takes you on a taste journey back to the 1970s.

Photo: Kaapelitehdas


Th 18.8.2022 at 17:00 - 21:00

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