The story of Cable Factory

Cable Factory is one of the largest cultural centres in Finland, and we’re looking forward to seeing you! Drop into the museum, be impressed by the dancing, get caught up in the activities, enjoy a festival, savour a snack and be inspired by the freedom of doing things.

The Cable Factory is a rugged factory environment spanning five hectares with lots to do, see and experience for everybody interested in culture.


Cable Factory is administered by the property management company Kiinteistö Oy Kaapelitalo, which is owned by the City of Helsinki.

62,000 m2

Since 1991

300+ tenants
600+ people work here every day
750,000+ visitors a year

1 dance house
3 museums
15+ circus, performance and dance practitioners
6+ galleries
50+ music and studio spaces
1 rooftop sauna for rental
5 sports clubs
3 art schools
2 restaurants/cafés
100+ studios
100+ bands
10+ advertising, consultancy and architect’s offices as well artisans, radio stations, boutiques. The list goes on!

Cable Factory also has four event spaces for rental, where festivals, seminars, fairs, exhibitions and celebrations are held all year round, as well as meeting rooms and a sauna.

Cable Factory 25 years party 2017

Cable Factory's 25th birthday in October 2017. Photo: Kapina Oy

Cable Factory has thousands of stories

Situated in Helsinki’s Ruoholahti district, Cable Factory was the biggest building in Finland when it was completed in 1954. Initially it was a production site for marine cables. Later on, Finland’s first supercomputer was located here. When manufacturing and data communications activities ended in the late 1980s, cultural practitioners, armed with their brushes, instruments and creative ideas, took over the Cable Factory’s abandoned corridors.

Nowadays, hundreds or creative tenants work at the Cable Factory. It is full of new and unexpected things– and invites you to join in.

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