Suvilahti cultural centre is a unique historic environment right next to the growing Kalasatama district.

For a century the former power plant produced gas and electricity for the city’s residents. Since the start of 2008, Suvilahti is administered by Kaapeli and the energy is transformed to culture.

Suvilahti cultural centre comprises nine buildings,ranging from photographers to a brewery bar and from venues for gigs to circus schools as well as 2.5 hectares of open-air yard space, where there are large public events and urban culture and music festivals, especially in summer.

The spectacular Kattilahalli and the yard area Energiakenttä are available for short-term rent.

Renovation work is in progress in the gasholders, which have become a city landmark. This will allow them to be used for cultural purposes later.

Check out who’s who at Suvilahti and see what’s happening there:!

Contact us

Sörnäisten rantatie 22 / Kaasutehtaankatu 1
00540 Helsinki

Property management and maintenance

Jouni Kärki

Head of property

+358 (0)40 755 9911

Markku Juslin

Technical coordinator

+358 (0)400 966 277

Mon-Thu at 8-15, Fri at 8-13

Jere Hyvärinen

Maintenance person

+358 (0)40 718 6676

Sales, event spaces

Katja Valpas

Event sales manager

+358 (0)40 751 5780

Maiju Helpi

Event coordinator

+358 (0)50 344 0451


Anni Sundell

Community manager in Suvilahti

+358 (0)50 599 3221