Working and meeting spaces

Café and event space Cable Factory’s Konttori is Cable Factory's heart and its living room. On Konttori’s upper level there are two spaces for rent. These can be used for workshops, hobbies, pop-ups or for groups and meetings.

Cable Factory's Konttori's working and meeting spaces are 40 m2 in size and can take 20 people at a time.

The spaces have flat screen displays, conference cameras, whiteboards, markers and pens, flip charts, and handy tables and chairs that can be re-arranged easily. Our staff will assist you with using the spaces and are on hand throughout the rental period.

Order catering for your meeting from our café and you’re all set!

CONTACT US AND ASK FOR AVAILABLE DAYS!, tel. +358(0)9 4763 8300

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Working and meeting space 1(with window)
Size40,5 m2
Length6 m
Width6 m
Heigth2 m
Working and meeting space 2(no window)
Size41,5 m2
Length6,5 m
Width6 m
Heigth2 m